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Real Estate is a broad and fast-growing industry, where there is constant fierce competition. Recognition through awards plays a vital role in distinguishing exceptional real estate businesses and developers from the rest. Real estate businesses and developers, both large and small, strive in various ways to show their excellence in various aspects of the industry. This excellence is shown through architectural design, sustainable development, innovation in technology and so on. Real estate awards are not just given to celebrate achievements but also to serve as a testament to the dedication and passion that each agency and agent put into their work. 

This is why the Global Real Estate Brand Awards (GREBA) is one the most anticipated real estate awards events in the world of Real estate. This is conducted by Exhibition Asia and Brimbus Branding. GREBA celebrates the highest levels of achievements by real estate companies and individuals operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. This real estate awards show is an India-renowned mark of excellence. Awards for real estate agents are provided to help them stand out in the competitive market and to help everyone notice their talents and hard work. 

GREBA over the years

Now let us dive a little deeper into the real estate awards show, the Global Real Estate Brand Awards (GREBA). This real estate awards show first started in 2015 to help builders and developers be recognised and to show appreciation for the work and effort they put in. 

Over the years Global Real Estate Brand Awards (GREBA) started getting recognised by more real estate companies. These commercial real estate awards were given not just for the benefit of the company but also to help people outside of the real estate business recognise their talent and to know what is flourishing in the real estate world each year. 

The winners of the Global Real Estate Brand Awards (GREBA) 2023 showcased an impressive set of talents, innovation and dedication they had put in for the real estate industry. The winners of GREBA 2023 were DLF, Purvankara, House of Hiranandani, Godrej properties, Embassy, Gera, Brigade group, Prestige group, Shriram properties, SPA Group, Solitaire, Sunteck, Sumadhura, Trifecta, SNN Raj Corp, JMC Projects (India) LTD, Amarprakash, Al Namal, Century, Gopalan Enterprises, Mantri, Firm Foundations, Spectra and Paranjape. Beyond these real estate trophies and real estate awards, these companies forged a bond with other winners and participants, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. This collaborative spirit not only elevates the industry as a whole but also paves the way for future innovation and success. In a competitive landscape, the emphasis on mutual appreciation and camaraderie underscores the importance of collective growth and excellence in the real estate sector.

The 24 in 24 real estate awards

(The 24 awards that will be given during the event)

In this year 2024, Global Real Estate Brand Awards wants to provide 24 awards to celebrate and recognize new talents. This is a great opportunity for most real estate businesses and developers to win and showcase their talents in the industry. The real estate awards are meticulously categorized into Property Awards, Developer Awards, Most Admired Upcoming Projects, and Special Categories, each representing different facets of the dynamic real estate landscape.

Property Awards:

Property awards are given to honour achievements in the development, design and management of residential, commercial and retail properties. It also consists of a wide range of categories that might be of different aspects of real estate that include, affordability, luxury, sustainability and functionality. By recognizing excellence in property development, these awards contribute to raising industry standards, promoting innovation, and inspiring future projects that prioritize quality, sustainability, and consumer needs. The real estate awards under property awards are as follows.

  • Affordable Segment: This is for honouring affordable housing solutions for middle and lower-income segments of the population. 
  • Luxury segment: This award is to celebrate excellence in luxury real estate offerings, which have high-end residential properties and luxury amenities.
  • Ultra Luxury Segment: Honoring developments that redefine opulence and exclusivity, setting new standards in the ultra-luxury residential market.
  • Green Homes Segment: Appreciating environmentally sustainable residential projects that give priority to eco-friendly design and construction.
  • Commercial Segment: Commercial real estate awards recognize excellence in commercial real estate developments, including office spaces, business parks, and complexes.
  • Retail Segment: Commending innovative retail spaces and shopping centres that enhance the shopping experience and contribute to vibrant urban environments.RX

Developer Awards:

In real estate awards, developer awards are provided to celebrate the various aspects of development, such as architectural design, construction quality and project management. This award acknowledges developers who excel in delivering high-quality projects and taking care of the diverse needs of consumers while following industry standards. These awards not only honour the efforts of developers but also serve as a testament to their commitment to excellence and continuous improvement within the real estate sector. By showcasing the best practices and achievements of developers, developer awards inspire innovation, drive competition, and elevate standards within the industry.

  • Luxury: This award is to recognize developers who excel in delivering luxury residential projects characterized by exceptional design, amenities, and lifestyle offerings.
  • Mid-Range Apartment: Honoring developers specializing in mid-range residential properties, where quality homes are provided at affordable prices.
  • Affordable: Acknowledging real estate developers committed to addressing the housing needs of common people by offering affordable and quality residential spaces.
  • Residential: Celebrating developers with a record of excellence in residential real estate which varies from various segments and price ranges.
  • Commercial: The commercial real estate awards is for honouring developers who have demonstrated excellence in the development of commercial properties, including office buildings and retail complexes.
  • Leisure & Entertainment:  Commending developers for their contribution to leisure and hospitality projects, including resorts, hotels, and entertainment complexes.

Most Admired Upcoming Projects:

Each year there are new real estate projects that are coming up with innovative ideas and unique designs. These projects vary between various categories such as luxury apartments and villas, mid-segment projects, the biggest office spaces that are coming up, eco-friendly buildings and spaces and so on. These real estate awards are to acknowledge and appreciate unique projects that are coming up soon.

  • Ultra Luxury Projects: These are for buildings that have high-end technologies and designs for residential complexes or office buildings. 
  • Luxury Projects: This real estate award is to appreciate the luxury apartments and complexes that are coming up shortly. 
  • Mid-Segment Projects: This award is to honour the projects that are focused on apartments that are designed for people of the middle segment.
  • Affordable Projects: This is to appreciate projects that have used less amount and also for projects that are coming up for the middle or low-income segment. 

Special category Awards:

The special category awards are to recognize exceptional individual achievements and contributions that the individual or the firm has provided. This is to value the extra efforts that a real estate company or individual puts in to make it more hospitable to their customers and also for their employees. This award will also help every real estate business to encourage innovative ways to grow their firm. Overall, special category awards play a crucial role in celebrating diversity, innovation, and excellence across various aspects of the real estate industry, while also inspiring further innovation and advancement in the field.

  • Best Co-working Space: This award is to recognize the most innovative and functional shared workspace that encourages collaboration, productivity, and creativity among professionals.
  • Best Investment Product: This real estate trophy is to honour the investment vehicle or opportunity that offers the most attractive returns, security, and growth potential to investors in the real estate market.
  • Best Interior Designer: This is to appreciate the interior designer or design firm that showcases exceptional creativity, vision, and skill in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of any interior space.
  • Best Lifestyle Developer: Acknowledging the developer who creates lifestyle-oriented communities and properties that adhere to the diverse needs and preferences of modern consumers.
  • Best Landscape Architectural Design: This is to honour the landscape architect or design team that excels in creating sustainable, aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.
  • Best Building Material Product: This is to recognize and appreciate the most innovative and sustainable building material or product that contributes to energy efficiency, durability, and environmental responsibility in construction projects.
  • Most Promising Property Consultants: This is to Highlight the property consultancy firm or professionals who provide exceptional advisory services, market insights, and strategic guidance to clients in the real estate industry.
  • Real Estate Startup of the Year: This award is to celebrate the most promising and innovative startup company that disrupts the real estate market with groundbreaking technologies, business models, or solutions.

How do you nominate for GREBA?

Now that you know about the awards and are excited for the Real Estate Awards 2024 you might be wondering how you can nominate yourself for this real estate awards show. You have two ways that you can do this. You can scan the QR code that is provided in the blog image. This will take you to a form where you will be filling in details about yourself and your firm. And the other way is to visit our website for the Global Real Estate Brand Awards. Here you can directly click on the nominate button to get access to the form and fill out your details. In case of any confusion or queries regarding the nomination process or the event itself, you can reach out to the contact numbers provided on the website. With user-friendly options like QR code scanning and online forms, nominating for the Global Real Estate Brand Awards 2024 is streamlined and accessible to all aspiring candidates and deserving agencies seeking recognition for their excellence and contributions to the real estate sector.


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